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Our cities are funny shapes, which means some of our posters do not fit in standard sized frames. The following are a few ideas if custom framing at your local frame shop proves to be too expensive:

  • Ork Posters offers the most affordable option to hang artwork. Check out our Modest Magnets, sold by Ork for only $5, that will hold up a 24" x 36" poster with just 4 small magnets and minimal damage to your wall.

  • This option requires a bit of DIY, but there are several websites offering custom sized frames to order. We recommend the metal versions from either or, both offering a quality plexiglass and foamcore backing. For a wood option, the Craig Frames brand, available on, is also a good option.

  • Ikea, Target, Dick Blick, Pearl Art stores or other similar stores carry standard sizes of frames like 18" x 24". For non-standard size posters, have a custom matte cut at a frame shop or art store with the outer dimensions of the frame and the inner dimensions .5"-1" less than the size of the poster).Watch this great instructional video from 20 x 200 for more details:

  • Swiss Clips, available from Dick Blick Art Store and are very inexpensive. This requires you to mount the poster first on foamcore or something similar.

  • Mount the poster on matte board or foamcore and set it on an art shelf or small nails. This method is also handy if you like to cycle the art that you have on display. CB2 wall shelf or Ikea wall shelf

  • Poster 'rails': These are aluminum bars that snap on to the top and bottom of the poster and hang with 2 nails or hooks. They are often used for displays, but create a unique look in the home. See an example here, buy MOMA's version or go the cheapest route and use pant hangers.

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